Matthieu Carmeille, a young French engineer, was working in an investment bank in New York City. His neighborhood of Tompkins Square, attending numerous exhibitions, parties, concerts, runway shows and other events inspired him every day. One evening while having dinner with friends, a model agency booker offered the engineer a chance to start modelling. The curious Frenchman began his adventure in fashion alongside his banking activities. When the financial crisis worsened, he fully switched gears to focus on his modeling. This experience allowed him to visit fashion capitals around the world while networking with industry insiders. His ultimate goal, however, was to merge his passion for engineering entrepreneurship with his interest in fashion and personal style. Thus, he decided he would create his own brand and tap into his fashion industry network for this endeavor.


The purpose of this brand is to dress men with style and character. A rare and refined word appeared fitting for the brand: ÉTHOPÉE, a figure of speech to describe the character, manners and passions of man.


To manifest this duality, common influences are refined with elegance and charisma. ÉTHOPÉE's first collection of jackets revisits these inspitations with top quality fabrics shaped into a V-cut and multiple double-breasted options, allowing freedom and expression of personal character.


Two passionate designers, a patternmaker, a renowned Parisian manufacturer with excellent craftsmanship and Italian suppliers of the finest transalpine fabrics guarantee the style and character of ÉTHOPÉE.